A level threshold to the garden - yes that would be nice.

So here what we have is not a level threshold.

What we would like is what you often see in magazines and online but not anywhere 'in real life' sadly as we don't mix in those kinds of circles! But a threshold that is level to the finished floor levels inside and out.

So first point of call was Christian the architect. I wrote the below (and inc. the attached pic).

Hi Christian,

Ok… question for you re: level threshold to garden.

The pic attached does not show very well the step you need to take over the frame here at Ispoyntel but it is quite substantial.

We’d like not to have a step-over, - so therefore the top of the bottom frame of the sliding patio doors would sit at the same level as the internal floor level and external ground level.

When we met with Matt from South West Trowels the other day, - he said that this would need to be specified by you so that Regs could confirm all good.

Would you do this for us? We’d like a level threshold from the three courtyard side bedrooms and the main living area.

Only now starting to think about landscaping - but for sure… this is a great starting point. Looking at how the inside spaces flow out to the first level of the courtyard garden.

Your thoughts?


Tam Christian's response:

Hi Tam,

Yes that’s fine, level access thresholds everywhere then, because I have one at the Front Door too. This is not a Building Regs issue at all, there needs to be one level access threshold so the more the merrier as far as they are concerned. The only thing to for you bear in mind is that if there ever was any flooding from the garden, the whole house would be more susceptible.

Best regards,

Christian Simmons BA (Hons) DipArch RIBA