Kitchen extraction?

Matt the Builder asked us about our kitchen extraction. He suggested that we ask our Building Regs man Stuart as Building Regs care about such things.

We're looking at downward drafting fans. Alternatively I quite like the idea of doing something like the pic here.

Stuart Regs response:


You need an extract fan in the kitchen.

If you are using a whole house heat recovery ventilation system? This will be included in that installation.

If you are have intermittent extract fans to wet rooms then you need an extract fan to all toilets, bathrooms, utility rooms and the kitchen. The kitchen fan would need to be 30 litres per second if provided in an extractor hood over the cooker – if anywhere else in the room then it should be uprated to 60 litres per second.

The only exception to this is if you have a wood burner within the same room as the kitchen area. If this is the case then you should either not have an extract fan or have one that only re-circulates the air rather than extracting it. This is to avoid the spillage of flue gases from the stove into the dwelling.

Kind regards, Stuart Anderson C.BuildE MCABE Building Control Surveyor We will be installing a heat recovery ventilation system so all good. But - you know - we might go ahead and install an extractor fan anyways. Reason being - we stayed at a holiday rental with a MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) system - and there was still the smell of last night's cooking (sometimes) - when we walked into the kitchen the next morning.