Recessed curtain rails. Easy right?!

I'm asking Derek Calcs how we go about making recessed curtain rails happen. And in our case - we would like not just the curtain rails recessed but also the gathering of the curtain top.

Shown here - although in this example only the curtain rail is recessed and not the curtain gathering.

So I was - duh - thinking this was easily created. Just make a hole to house everything. But Builder Matt had to enlighten me - That in the process of creating a recess - you likely have had to reduce the height of the ceiling by basically battening off the ceiling. So for those out there that don't know what on earth that means - you are putting in a 'false' ceiling. WHAT!!?? - I screeched. I don't want to do that!!

It effectively means that you would have to lose ceiling height or account for this battening off in your calculations - allowing for the recess height. Which by the way - is another story.

But Matt did suggest there may be another way of doing things.

We are using the pozi-joist construction method. Which I guess in another post I can highlight what they are and why we chose to use them.... but for now - Matt has suggested that we contact the pozi-joist manufacturer - actually in our case - we're going through Derek Calcs - to ask if the joists can be constructed in such away to account for this recess.

Que - email to Derek Calcs.

I will update when information avail.