Clerestory windows

We are having high level windows in the main bathroom and two en-suites. Two of these rooms face St Ives Road - so it is a must and the third room (guest en-suite) faces our neighbour. See photograph below to give you and idea.

Our windows will not sit so high in the wall since firstly we would like some continuity to window heights along the front elevation and therefore want the height to be at 2100mm - to work with the floor to 2100mm windows running also along this side of the house - but most importantly - we worked out that when sitting lower than in the above photograph you can see out - admittedly standing on tippy toes - but with no loss to privacy since the finished floor level of the building is so much higher than the path up to the front door and another 6ft again from the road level.

In the summer this will mean a view of lots of leaves on trees but in the winter, THE SEA!!

Happy days.