Ok... - so the caravan flooded!

Yes water was literally pouring out from underneath the doors - onto the garden!

Three burst pipes (from the recent snow) - left us with a swimming pool inside - ok - more fairly described as being a 'reflecting pool'. Which by the way is something I would really like - but outside in the garden. Silly money. Another story.

So for two reasons we are renting an accommodation for the duration of the build.

1) The caravan was flooded! But most importantly...

2) The caravan is in the way of the new garage being built - which makes sense to build at the same time as the house.


When you are looking for a holiday rental in St Ives for the duration of the summer it could be argued - this is an impossible feat. And it nearly was...

Step in.....Tregenna Castle (who is our favourite client for accommodation photography). They have totally delivered. And we are SO appreciative.

It is only a 1 bedroom and we will have to do some juggling around when Lilly is with us.... but it is so close to our plot.... and they are charging us a rate (inc. all bills) that speaks of the generosity of Tregenna. I'd say... one of the best places to work.

And here are a few photographs of the before (before I have made some Tam tweaks here and there).

South Lodge 1.